SMARTIA M6 is a complete insulated system for curtain walls, ideal for

sturdy constructions designed to meet modern architectural needs for

creating large units.

Basic system width 55mm

High thermal insulation up to Uf=1,5 W/m2K.

Large variety of mullions for high wind loads.

Various covers for external surfaces of high aesthetic value.

Structural version available without visible aluminium covers.

Various hinged window types can be applied: projected, parallel

projected, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn.

Constructions with inclined or polygonal surfaces.

Can be combined with all types of doors of the SMARTIA series.

Technical characteristics

Exterior visible width 55 mm

Mullion depth 65/223 mm

Transom depth 30/179 mm

Glazing Stick type with EPDM gaskets

Glass thickness Up to 50 mm

Outer frame max inertia Ix=2082 cm4 Iy=183 cm4

Transoms max inertia Ix=568 cm4 Iy=64 cm4

Max inertia Mullion and Insert Ix=32 cm4 Iy=105 cm4

Exterior aesthetics

With horizontal and vertical cover (standard).

With horizontal cover (linear horizontal).

With vertical cover (linear vertical).

Structural (glass only).

Types of vent

Tilt and turn vent window / Tilt and turn vent conceal window

Parallel and projected outward window

Hinged opening outward door

Hinged opening inward door

Projected outward window

Parallel projected outward window


Thermal insulation ΕΝ 12412-2

Uf=1,5-3,3 W/m2K



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