SMARTIA M7 is a complete system for high energy
efficiency curtain walls. It provides quality constructions
in affordable prices and meets totally all stability and
safety requirements.
50 mm width of mullions and transoms.
High thermal insulation thanks to the special
insulating material.
Option of structural curtain wall constructions
without aluminium covers, using the same
mullions and transoms.
Construction of heavy units up to 700kgs.
Low fabrication cost due to accessories and ease of fabrication.
Includes an effective water evacuation system.
Special supports for shading blades.
Various hinged window types can be applied: parallel projected, top
hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn, seamless
inwards tilt & turn, all Tilt & Turn SMARTIA systems.
Constructions with inclined or polygonal surfaces.
Can be combined with all types of doors of the SMARTIA series.
Wide range of certifications in Standard and Structural typologies
but also in projected and concealed sash typologies.

Technical characteristics
Exterior visible width 50 mm
Mullion depth 28 – 267 mm
Transom depth 16,5 – 266 mm
Glazing Stick type with EPDM gaskets
Glass thickness 4 up to 54 mm
Mullions max inertia Ix=2788 Iy=131,20 cm4
Transoms max inertia Ix=973 Iy=60,3 cm4

Types of vent
Tilt and turn vent window / Tilt and turn vent conceal window.
Parallel and projected outward window.
Hinged opening outward door.
Hinged opening inward door.
Projected outward window.
Parallel projected outward window.

Exterior aesthetics
With horizontal and vertical cover (standard).
With horizontal cover (linear horizontal).
With vertical cover (linear vertical).
Structural (glass only).

Thermal insulation ΕΝ ISO 12412-2
Uf=1,0-2,3 W/m2K

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