SMARTIA M15000 is a robust non thermal insulated Hinged system

which can meet multiple needs thanks to a wide range of profiles for

windows and doors with the following characteristics:

Basic system depth 50mm.

Robust & flexible system that can support all potential typologies

of hinged doors, windows & pivot windows.

Available special profiles for main entrances, smoke proof doors

and panic doors.

The system also supports “block window” constructions

(concealed sash).

Various designs (e.g. flat, curved, classic).

Either European groove or PVC groove hardware can be applied.

Certified performance by the ift Rosenheim Institute.

Technical characteristics

Visible aluminium face width 137 mm

Frame height 48 mm

Frame width 50 mm

Sash height 66 mm

Sash width 59 mm

Sash weight up to 180 Kg

Glazing 2 up to 47 mm



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