SMARTIA M14600 is a non-insulated sliding system with slim lines.

It meets the modern architectural trends and the requirements for

especially high performance and is the ideal solution for sliding systems

in warmer climates.

Basic system’s depth 35 mm.

Maximum visibility and natural light with only 23 mm width at the

interlocking profile.

Exceptional wind load resistance performance, certified under

extreme conditions.

Easy access, with low threshold. Ideal for multi-track constructions.

Vast range of typologies, compatible with various mechanisms.

Smooth and easy gliding, thanks to inox rails.

Technical characteristics

Visible aluminium face width 95,5 mm

Frame height 31,5 / 40 mm

Frame width 92 / 143 mm

Sash height 67 / 79 mm

Sash width 35 mm

Interlocking profile width 23 / 68,5 / 80,5 mm

Sash weight Up to 180 Kg

Glazing 10 up to 24 mm


Uw=1,88 W/m2K

(frame size of 3,0 x 2,2m;

Ug=1,0 W/m2K; ψ=0.035 W/mK)



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