complete system of fixed pergolas for effective shading and aesthetic

upgrading of the surrounding environment. Available in four (4)

exceptional models, it offers ideal solutions for modern or traditional

residences, hotels, dining and recreation areas.

CRETA – the epitome of minimal aesthetics

NAXOS – traditional design with timeless value

CORFU – the absolute modern design

KOS – stylish, water sealed

Very clean lines with no visible connection points for a totally

minimal effect.

Extreme robustness to resist intense wind turbulence and allow

very large dimensions, up to 4.8 x 6.0 m (for Creta).

Outstanding resistance, especially at seaside areas.

Amazingly easy to manufacture and to install.

Technical Characteristics

Post 120×120 mm

Rectangular louvers 20×120, 35x130mm, etc

Typologies single, multiple, on-wall, with or without slope

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