Glass railing system

SMARTIA M8200 is a vertical glass support system for the construction

of glass railings of modern aesthetics without mullions, so as to leave

the visual field free and offer a sense of luxurious freedom. Ideal for

modern residences, hotels and shopping malls, public buildings and

surrounding areas, for exterior/interior use.

Extreme sturdiness thanks to the continuous profile logic.

Fast installation and easy glass alignment.

On-floor, in-floor and side-mounted

Efficient sealing and water-drainage

Same set of accessories, including caps of inox or aluminium, and

possibility for LED lighting.

Compatible with laminate tempered glass 12+12, 10+10, 8+8,

6+6 και 5+5mm.

Top surface treatment in all anodising and powder coating colours

for maximum resistance, even at coastal areas



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